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Ленинградское ш.

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Choose a side dish, a hot meal or a salad at a fixed price for g. Perhaps, today you are a fan of Asia and you will choose noodles Wok with chicken and tomorrow you will prefer Europe with its light soup minestrone. And of course, there are traditional dishes: a Russian salad "Olivie" with "Pozharskie cutlets", American hotdogs and burgers, Italian pizza and Hungarian goulash.


And for dessert - a famous Austrian chocolate "Zaher" or New York candy apple. For those who are in a hurry, the staff will be happy to provide take-away meals.

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Combining warm wooden surfaces with stone, using a variety of light sources and details from the whole world, designers made the restaurant really cozy and friendly. Moscow Метрополис. Новый Арбат. Теплый стан. Москва Сити. Saint Petersburg.

About the restaurant

Moscow Saint Petersburg. Address Ленинградское ш. Working hours Mon-Fr — Sat-Sun — Cuisines and dishes european, russian, asian. Average check Р.

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  • Leave a comment Share your experience. About the restaurant litres of drinks and kilos of hot meals every day - the scope of restaurants of "clever" self service OBEDBUFET reflected not only in occupied space but also in the volume of delicious and healthy food. Reports, interviews and video sketches. Feel our spirit.

    Virtual tour. A walk around the restaurant in 3D-format.

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    Watch a virtual tour. All day we add supplies of fresh juice which wait for the guests in a graceful bath. Italian cuisine. Several kinds of pasta and classical Italian pizza on a marvelous dough. Take away meals.

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    In our restaurant you will always find fruit kefir, salads, snacks so that you could have a healthy and delicious snack in any place. A portion of delicious oatmeal, cornflakes or fresh fruit - the best charge of vitamins and energy for the whole day. Cold appetizers.

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    Create your own set from a hot meal, a salad, a light soup and a drink. By the way, every day from It is impressive! Wine bar. A collection of wine samples for those who is planning to spend a romantic evening or celebrate a memorable date.

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  • Cakes, pies, waffles, zephyr and even apples in caramel - where else can you find so many sweet things? Asian cuisine. Compile noodles Wok from a variety of represented ingredients according to your taste. An easy map, a direct phone of the restaurant.

    Metro Войковская 0,2 km. ObedBufet in social networks. Date of a visit.